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The Dead Sea – Info and FAQ Cities

What to do in “The Dead Sea”, Israel

The Dead Sea is a lifeless salt lake whose shores are the lowest continental place in the world.

The concentration of salts in the Dead Sea is 34.2% – ten times higher than the level of salts in the Mediterranean Sea.

The historical importance of nearby sites, such as Masada, Ein Gedi, Machaerus, and Qumran, and, the particular chemical composition of its water and its exceptional climate, has made the Dead Sea a global tourist destination, primarily as a center for health tourism.

Events & Attractions:

The Dead Sea features unique and innovative health tourism and spa services based on the healing properties of hot springs, the Dead Sea mud reservoirs, the saline and hot mineral-rich sea water, and exposure to low natural ultraviolet radiation and high barometric pressure. The salt content of the water makes people float in the sea, a feature that turns swimming into a special tourist attraction.

At the Ein Bokek-Hamei Zohar complex, there are 15 hotels with 4,000 rooms.

In addition to the hotels, the Megillot Regional Council in the north-west of the basin, and Kibbutz Ein Gedi operate some tourist attractions.

In addition to spa tourism, the Dead Sea basin has leisure tourism, national parks, nature reserves, waterways, desert tourism, visits to heritage sites, events and festivals such as the Tamar Festival, the Ein Gedi race, the Masada Opera Festival, and more.


Transportation at the Dead Sea is based on inter-city buses, taxis, and private cars.

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