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Information and Review of the Israel Aquarium

The Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem is the first aquarium in Israel.

The aquarium deals with preserving maritime projects and the environment in Israel, an issue that is a part of nature conservation in Israel.

The aquarium was established in accordance with the recommendations of the National Program for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Israel.

The recommendations emphasize the urgent need for conservation in Israel.

Habitats, sea life, reefs, and more, are subject to many ecological threats – pollution of the sea and its shores, overfishing and the constant pressure of various factors such as tourism, commerce, desalination, gas, and oil drilling.

Due to all of this, the center was built to deal with research, testing, and explanation.

The visit to the aquarium leads the visitors on a path that emphasizes the marine habitats in Israel – the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and even the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.

The route of the visit in the aquarium leads visitors on a journey between the various marine habitats in Israel, in the Mediterranean Sea.

You can meet a variety of creatures from the habitats in the shallows, and those in the depths of the open sea.

In the Red Sea exhibits you can get to know the colorful fish and corals unique to the sea.

The unidirectional path leads between the worlds of the sea and the creatures that inhabit it.

FAQ for Israel Aquarium (Nature And Animals in Jerusalem):

Wheelchair accessible? Yes,
Is there a parking? Yes,
Is it sutable for children? Yes.
Attraction Type: Nature And Animals, Region: Jerusalem Area, Address: 3 Derech Aharon Sholov, Jerusalem (Find more Nature And Animals in Israel: Jerusalem Area)

Israel Aquarium

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