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Information and Review of the “Lemon” – Well

“Lemon” – Well is located west of Moshav Yishai. The access road passes through the moshav, crosses it to the west and connects to a dirt road adjacent to citrus groves. After about 2.5 km turn left and continue driving in a forest with an amazing view, in the winter months the forest fills with carpets of cyclamen blossoms and anemones.

It was built two thousand years ago in the Roman period, and above it, the Crusaders built an impressive structure of large ashlar stones about 7 meters high. A baseless legend that went on among the Bedouin diaspora and said that the site contained a stash of gold, followed by a group of antiquities robbers to search for the treasure there.

In 2012, a group of antiquities robbers who had been operating at the site for several nights was caught with digging tools, hammers and heavy lifting equipment. They broke the walls of the well, dug into the well and crushed the ancient stones. They dug deep pits in the archaeological layers and caused irreparable damage to the building.



FAQ for “Lemon” – Well (Public Parks & Gardens in Beit Shemesh):

Wheelchair accessible? No,
Is there a parking? Yes,
Is it sutable for children? Yes.
Attraction Type: Public Parks & Gardens, Region: Jerusalem Area, Address: Moshav Yeshai (Find more Public Parks & Gardens in Israel: Jerusalem Area)

“Lemon” – Well Opening hours:




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