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Western Wall Attraction Holy Places;National Sites

Old City, Jerusalem

Information and Review of the Western Wall

The Western Wall is the last remnant of Jerusalem’s Second Temple, which was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

The Western Wall took on the sanctity of the Temple and for centuries Jews have come here to pray, in times of both joy and sorrow, and the custom of placing a prayer note in the wall developed. Important moments for the entire nation, are also marked here.

The rest of the wall’s 583 meters awaits you deep beneath the Old City in the Western Wall Tunnel, an incomparable foray into Jerusalem’s archeological past.

Photographer: Carmela his. From a PikiWiki.

FAQ for Western Wall (Holy Places;National Sites in Jerusalem):

Wheelchair accessible? Yes,
Is there a parking? No,
Is it sutable for children? Yes.
Attraction Type: Holy Places, National Sites, Region: Jerusalem Area, Address: Old City, Jerusalem (Find more Holy Places;National Sites in Israel: Jerusalem Area)

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