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Information and Review of the Megilat Haesh Memorial

The “Scroll of Fire” monument resembles two bronze scrolls depicting the history of the Jewish people, the scrolls raised upwards like two flames, and the descriptions of them reflect the cry of the tormented. The monument was sculpted by the artist Nathan Rappaport in 1968 and placed in the Martyrs’ Forest by KKL-JNF in 1972. Other sculptures in memory of the Holocaust sculpted by Nathan Rappaport are in the Warsaw Ghetto, Yad Vashem (a replica of the statue in the Warsaw Ghetto), Kibbutz Yad Mordechai and the Kibbutz Negba. The Scroll of Fire memorial is about 8.5 meters high and is made of bronze and weighs about 14 tons. It is shaped like two scrolls reminiscent of Torah scrolls. Each of the scrolls contains descriptions of the events of the Holocaust and the events of the rebirth of Israel. It is said that while Rappaport was working on the statue in Italy, the news of the liberation of Jerusalem came to him. He decided to add to the statue the description of blowing a shofar by the Western Wall, a description that was not planned in the first place in the sculpture program. The monument was built in the Martyrs’ Forest, a forest planted with the contribution of B’nai B’rith, planted with forest trees and natural trees of the area, the forest is dedicated to the memory of six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. The forest is about 4,500 acres.

FAQ for Megilat Haesh Memorial (Nature And Animals in Israel):

Wheelchair accessible? No,
Is there a parking? Yes,
Is it sutable for children? Yes.
Attraction Type: Nature And Animals, Region: Judea and Samaria, Address: Megilat Haesh Memorial (Find more Nature And Animals in Israel: Judea and Samaria)

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