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Harduf – Info and FAQ Cities

What to do in “Harduf”, Israel

Harduf is a settlement established in the Lower Galilee, south of the city of Shefa-‘Amr, within the jurisdiction of the Jezreel Valley Regional Council. It is named after the Oleander plant that grows along river banks and is common in the area.

Kibbutz members lead a spiritual lifestyle and participate in the anthroposophical activity that takes place there. The kibbutz has guest rooms, a center for anthroposophical studies, an anthroposophic clinic and an anthroposophic school using the Waldorf method. At the center of this method is the development of the child as an entity of body, soul, and spirit from birth to maturity, and connects science, art, morality, and emotion to educational art aimed to develop a whole and free person.

The people of Harduf maintain special ties with the region’s population – Jews and Arabs. Among other things, the kibbutz is active in education, rehabilitation, and theater.

Events & Attractions:

The Theater of the Word was founded by Yaakov and Miriam Arnan, and there is extensive activity there. The theater offers plays for children and adults. The plays always have an anthroposophical educational message.

The kibbutz is also known in Israel mainly for the organic produce it produces from vegetables, grains, and legumes to the only organic creamery in Israel.

Come and enjoy the many therapists who live there and offer a variety of alternative treatments or eat in the organic restaurant and enjoy a combination of health for the body and soul.

Once a year on Shavuot, there is a festival. This is a unique festival, taking place in the forest between Harduf and Ka’abiyye.

The place opens its doors to the residents of the area and all, to celebrate art, and enjoy the overall experience. This is a rich Jewish-Arab community event with plays for children, musical performances, creative workshops, stories, conversation circles and workshops for folk dancing.

The transportation at Kibbutz Harduf is based on private vehicles, inter-city buses and taxis.

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