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Rehaniya – Info and FAQ Cities

What to do in “Rehaniya”, Israel

Rehaniya is a Circassian settlement in the Upper Galilee, about 8 kilometers north of Tzfat. The inhabitants of the village are Abzakim, one of the 12 Circassian tribes. All the villagers are Sunni Muslims.

The village of Rehaniya was founded in 1873, but it was not until 1880 that Circassian families came from the Abaza tribe from the northern Caucasus.

The meaning of the word Rehaniya in Arabic is the Myrtle plant.

Events & Attractions:

The village was built using a traditional Circassian method, which originated in the Caucasus mountains and was called “Kfar Homa” – the houses were built adjacent to each other and form a defensive wall around the village, whose remains have been preserved to this day.

In the village there is a museum commemorating Circassian culture and lifestyle. The museum was established at the initiative of a village boy, Shuki Hun, and is located in a private home belonging to his family since settling in the village in about 1873. The museum in Rehaniya contains household utensils and agricultural tools, traditional clothing items, musical instruments, and weapons typical of Circassian culture. He conducted tours of the museum and accompanied them with explanations and experiences from his childhood and personal memories.

The village has a mosque that is shaped like the Circassian mosques in the Caucasus and is fundamentally different from the Arab mosques. There is also a museum and a Circassian heritage center.

Also, you can enjoy exciting and challenging go-karting activity.

Each year, the village hosts a variety of festivals and events such as the Taste of the Village Festival – a culinary event that focuses on flavors and aromas of the authentic cuisine. Also, there is the Circassian Festival, which includes tours of villages, and dance groups from Israel and abroad.


Transportation in the village is based on private vehicles, inter-city buses, and taxis.

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