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Ashkelon – Info and FAQ Cities

What to do in “Ashkelon”, Israel

Ashkelon is the southernmost city on the Mediterranean coastline. 12 km of beautiful beaches that attract many tourists from Israel and abroad.

Ashkelon is mentioned in the Old Testament several times, and the remains of the ancient city are found on Tel Ashkelon in the Ashkelon National Park.

Today, Ashkelon has become a tourist center, offering modern amenities alongside interesting archaeological sites.

Events & Attractions:
Ashkelon is considered a resort city with many hotels vacation options. Ashkelon offers beaches, attractions and historical sites of interest.

A central archaeological site in the city is the National Park, located in the southwest of the city, with Tel Ashkelon located nearby.

In Tel Ashkelon, the ancient remains of an impressive city gate from the Canaanite period, a public building and many statues from the Roman period and the remains of fortifications from the Crusader period were found there. The site is surrounded by a garden with wide lawns and a bathing beach. North of the site, the rest of the beaches of the city, along with the facilities and hotels are located.

For those looking for an additional seaside experience, you can also take a stroll in the marina where you can enjoy cafes and restaurants, and in the evening it becomes a lively entertainment center on the long boardwalk that overlooks the beach.

For museum and art lovers, it is recommended to visit the mosque in the city where the Ashkelon Museum operates, as well as the “Khan,” where several art workshops are held.

Throughout the year, events and festivals are held in Ashkelon, such as the wine festival, the Darom Olah Festival, which takes place every year on Sukkot on the city’s boardwalk and includes musical performances, activities for the whole family, theatre, laser light shows, and circus performances.

Transportation in Ashkelon is based on municipal buses, taxis, and private cars. Ashkelon can be reached by inter-city bus and train.

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