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The Nitzana Region – Info and FAQ Cities

What to do in “The Nitzana Region”, Israel

The Nitzana region is characterized by desert and arid climates. The area is located southwest of Be’er Sheva.

Despite the weather, a variety of shrubs and flowers grow in the sandy soil, and throughout the year you can find fascinating heritage sites and unique people.

In the third century BCE, the place became known as a Nabatean city. During the reign of the Byzantine Empire, the place flourished, and three churches from the same period which were preserved, and a fortress surrounded by a wall with five square towers. From the Nessana Papyri, it appears that there was a cavalry unit in the area. The settlement of Nitzana was abandoned, probably in the 9th century, following the influence of the heavy tax burden of the Muslim occupation regime.

Events & Attractions:

History is everywhere here. Near the settlement of Azuz is a natural oasis where the Turkish army lived during the First World War. The Turks also laid a railroad track whose tracks can still be seen there and established a hospital at the foot of Tel Nitzana. High on the mound lies the city of Nitzana, founded by the Nabateans, whose caravans carried incense and spices through the Negev from the Arabian Peninsula to the Mediterranean Sea.

After driving about 15 km on Route 10, through the landscape along the Egyptian border south of the Nitzana Pass, you can stop at an observation point and look into Egypt, towards the Biblical Kadesh Barnea where the tomb is believed to be Miriam the Prophetess.

In the Nitzana area, you can find a variety of fascinating events and festivals such as the Desert Sounds Festival – an original Israeli music festival that takes place every year in Ramat Negev for a few days.


Transportation in the Nitzana area is based on private vehicles and inter-city buses.

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