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Information and Review of the TLV Balloon

The hot-air balloon is a unique attraction located at the Yarkon Park in North Tel Aviv. The home of the hot-air balloon is in the middle of a vast lawn on the edge of the lake, affording an exceptional and exciting experience: hover above the city with a panoramic view of its surroundings, extending from the coastal cities up to the mountains of Samaria, to the expanse of the Mediterranean Sea and the White City along its shores. The hot-air balloon rises to hover at a height of the 120 meters for a quarter of an hour. Operation of the hot-air balloon depends on the weather. Therefore, call before going, to make sure that it is operating. Suited to all ages.

FAQ for TLV Balloon (Amusement and Adventure in Tel Aviv Jaffa):

Wheelchair accessible? Partially Accessible,
Is there a parking? With Charge,
Is it sutable for children? Yes.
Attraction Type: Amusement and Adventure, Region: Tel Aviv and Center, Address: 98 Rokach Blvd., Hayarkon Park, Tel- Aviv (Find more Amusement and Adventure in Israel: Tel Aviv and Center)

TLV Balloon Opening hours:

Sunday: 09:00-20:00, Monday: 09:00-20:00, Tuesday: 09:00-20:00, Wednesday: 09:00-20:00, Thursday: 09:00-20:00, Friday: 09:00-17:00, Saturday: 09:00-20:00



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