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Netanya – Info and FAQ Cities

What to do in “Netanya”, Israel

Netanya is a central coastal city also known as the “Capital of the Sharon.” Netanya is a lively and active tourist city, and over the years the resort and kite-boarding industry developed in the city and made it a center attracting tens of thousands of tourists and visitors all year long. The city, which was once a citrus grove and now has a flourishing tourist industry, if you go on a tour of the city, you will find that besides Hebrew many foreign languages are heard in its streets because tourists from many countries come to it and stay there for long periods.

Events & Attractions:

In Netanya, you will find many hotels and streets in which you will find diverse cafes, restaurants, galleries and entertainment centers.

The main attraction in the city is the beautiful coastal strip, which stretches over 12 kilometers.

A beautiful central beach is Poleg Beach. Over the coastline rises a chain of cliffs on which you can walk along the long boardwalk overlooking the sea. The boardwalk is part of the “Israel Trail.”

For sports enthusiasts, there are many sporting events in the city, especially water sports, but you can also enjoy the Skatepark complex, tennis center, bicycle routes, and Segway tours. Nature lovers will be happy to explore the southern part of the city, where there are some nature reserves including the Iris reserve, the Poleg Stream reserve, and the Udim reserve where there is a pond with turtles, fish and water birds. Another attraction in the city is the science and space center, which is fit for the whole family.

During the year there are festivals and events such as the beer festival, white night events, food festivals, and many music events.


Transportation in Netanya is based on municipal buses, taxis, and private vehicles.

It can be reached by train or intercity buses.

Useful information for Netanya:


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