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Abu Gosh – Info and FAQ

Abu Gosh – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Abu Gosh”, Israel

Abu Ghosh is an Arab village, nestled in a magnificent landscape alongside the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The village is a picturesque village full of beauty, uniqueness, and shares special neighborly relations, with all the surrounding communities in the area. Abu Ghosh is famous mainly for its fantastic Humus and restaurants offering authentic food.

The unique history of the village, the authentic food experience, and the various cultural events attract visitors to Abu Ghosh regularly throughout the year.

Events & Attractions:
Throughout Abu Ghosh, there are many restaurants, offering delicious food, especially hummus and authentic Arabic food. But apart from tasty food, Abu Ghosh has other tourist attractions to offer. There are several guest houses in the village, unique shops with glass products, and, of course, candy, and baklava specialty shops.

The village is characterized by the special triad of the three religions, the churches, and monasteries that reside alongside the mosques, and within the Muslim population creates a special atmosphere for the diverse types of visitors visiting Abu Ghosh.

In the ancient center of the village is the Benedictine monastery, where the St. Mary of the Resurrection Abbey is known as one of the signs of the abomination, where according to tradition Jesus was first revealed to his followers after he was resurrected. Inside the walls of the monastery is a beautiful garden, carefully tended by the local monks.

In the various churches in the village, vocal music festivals are held throughout the year, where groups and choirs arrive from Israel and the rest of the world. Around the village, there are several natural sites that can be visited like the Ein Hemed National Park, Har Haruach, and more.

Transportation in Abu Ghosh consists of buses, taxis, and private vehicles

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