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Abu Snan – Info and FAQ

Abu Snan – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Abu Snan”, Israel

Abu Snan is a local council in the Northern District of Israel. It lies in the Western Galilee, at the height of 70m above sea level. Abu Snan was declared a local council in 1964. According to Druze tradition, the village was founded in the 13th century west of the point where it is currently inhabited by Sheikh Baz.

The illustrious sheikh invested great efforts in defending the village and was also famous for his two-blade sword, and this was the name of the village – Abu Snan (the owner of the teeth).

In the village of Abu Snan in the Galilee, there are about 14,000 residents – Druze, Christians, and Muslims.

Events & Attractions:

Today, the settlement is 12km from Akko and has everything: mosques, churches, chlawat (Druze prayer houses) and even an ancient Jewish cemetery.

In Abu Snan there are a variety of attractions and interesting sites such as Horbat Merav where remains of a settlement from the Byzantine period were found and a beautiful observation point on the Haifa Bay. In the village is a rock-cut church that commemorates Mr. Jiris, patron of the community.

In the center of the village is a museum with a rare collection of tools, mainly from the time of the British Mandate.

In the village of Abu Snan, you can find a variety of events and festivals that take place each year, such as the “Kikarat HaKachar” festival, tours of nature and the village, and free activities for the whole family.


Transportation in Abu Snan is based on private vehicles and inter-city buses.

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