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Acre (Akko) – Info and FAQ

Acre (Akko) – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Acre (Akko)”, Israel

Akko was one of the most important cities in ancient times. Various cultures found their home there, Crusaders conquered it and Ottomans lived there for many years. Even the famous Napoleon Bonaparte tried to put his hands on Akko and conquer it.

Four religions found there a place to settle and left their mark: the synagogues of the Jews, the magnificent churches in the Christian neighborhoods, the powerful mosques of the Muslims, and the garden of the tomb of Baha Ola, founder of the Bahá’í religion and “The House of Abboud.”

In 2001, Old Akko was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Events & Attractions:

A visit to Akko is part of the Israel experience. The city is a meeting point between east and west, new and old, glory and destruction, and adds a unique touch to it. The variety of tourist sites has made it thrilling and full of activities and sites, and every corner awaits an interesting adventure or attraction.

Akko has three regulated beaches along the sandy strip of Akko Bay. The “Beach of the Walls” (also known as “Sail Beach”), “Argaman Beach,” and “Palm Beach.” Along the southern and central part of the coast stretches the HaHagana boardwalk.

Between high alleys and underground tunnels stand a large mosque, a “Khan,” and Turkish baths, knights’ halls alongside an extraordinary Templar tunnel and fascinating archaeological findings. There are also interesting museums, synagogues and churches, a selection of hotels spread out near its inviting beaches, a promenade, the Old City of Akko, a variety of restaurants and a lively fishing port.

The Akko Festival for Alternative Israeli Theater is an annual festival established in 1980 that includes fringe shows, street performances, art fair, outdoor events, workshops and special projects taking place in the streets of Old Akko.


The city now serves a public transport system based on trains, buses, and taxis.

The Akko railway station is located on the coast, and all trains leading from Nahariya to Haifa stop there.

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