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Caesarea (Keysarya) – Info and FAQ

Caesarea (Keysarya) – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Caesarea (Keysarya)”, Israel

Caesarea is a city of past and future, new versus old.

The Caesarea National Archaeological Park is one of the most impressive parks in which there are unique architectural structures from different periods. The remains of the Hellenistic period (3rd century BCE) until the Crusader period (12th century) were located alongside an area of 125 acres. Caesarea was then a port city and served for most of its years as the capital of the Land of Israel.

Events & Attractions:

In the Caesarea Harbor National Park, you can enjoy a tour of the antiquities of an ancient port, walk around the city walls and towers, see the remains of the palace and the various religious shrines. It is recommended to explore the Artists’ Square and visit the main attraction of the port, which includes a journey through the history of Caesarea and combines an interactive experience. Another fascinating site is the Roman Theater, which has exciting musical performances throughout the year.

You can also enjoy the magical beach, and dive enthusiasts will be happy to dive into the ruins of the underwater archaeological park at the harbor. There are cafes, restaurants, romantic corners and a charming beach available.

At some distance lies the ancient aqueduct that rises on arches that brought water to ancient Caesarea along 9 km, and you can also find the magnificent bird mosaic that is a remnant of the palace floor and is open to the general public.

Next to the national park is the rural town of Caesarea, which received its name from ancient Caesarea. There is a golf course, a pampering spa, luxury hotels, the Ralli Museum of Art and a historic site where the remains of a magnificent palace were found, with a bird’s mosaic floor and a gold-and-glass table top.


Transportation in Caesarea is based on intercity buses, taxis, and private vehicles.

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