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Cana – Info and FAQ

Cana – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Cana”, Israel

Kafr Cana is a local council in the Lower Galilee, about six kilometers north-east of the Nazareth city center. It was declared a local council in 1968.

In the 17th century, Kafr Kana received official recognition from the Vatican, and the Pope officially confirmed that Kana was indeed the Cana HaGlilit, and the village was subsequently listed as a holy place for Christians. There are other scholars identifying the village as Kanna, mentioned in the ancient Egyptian texts (4,000 years ago).

Today most of the villagers are Muslims.

Events & Attractions:
Kafr Cana is the main site identified by scholars and pilgrims, from the New Testament, where Jesus made his first miracle. The place where Jesus turned water into wine. The village has two nearby churches that commemorate the event – the Franciscan Catholic Wedding Church, and the Greek Orthodox Church. There are three other churches in the village: the Church of the House of Bartholomew the Franciscan Apostle, the Church of the Melkite Quarter and the Baptist Church.

About 200,000 tourists visit Kafr Cana every year. Inspired by the miracle of the wine, a tradition of weddings developed, but also a tradition of renewing wedding vows, and visitors even purchase wine instead. The streets of the churches in the center of the village have undergone renewal and a boardwalk established there connects all three of the religions.

Along the way, intimate squares and resting points were established. The facades of the buildings and courtyards have been restored beautifully. Alongside the boardwalk, infrastructure has been laid for commercial complexes and guest houses, enabling guests to combine a religious and tourist experience.


Transportation in Kafr Cana is based on private vehicles, inter-city buses, and taxis.

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