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Degania – Info and FAQ

Degania – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Degania”, Israel

Degania Alef, is a group located on the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee, about 10 km south of Tiberias, in the area of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, which was founded in 1910 on the part of an area of about 700 acres.

As the first group of the settlement model today is known as a Kibbutz, Degania was known as the mother of the groups and later as the mother of the kibbutzim. The name of Degania Alef is the five species of grain grown in Israel.

Events & Attractions:

In Degania Alef you will find a variety of attractions and sites such as the Living Corner, the Beit Gordon Museum – the Museum of Nature, Agriculture and Knowledge of the Kineret Valley, named after A.D. Gordon. Beit Gordon is the first museum in the agricultural settlement (established in 1935) and one of the first museums of nature in the whole country. The purpose of the museum is to increase knowledge of nature, agriculture, and knowledge of the country, with an emphasis on the Kinneret Valley.

On the kibbutz, you can see the famous tank, which has become a symbol in the history of the State of Israel as an act of heroism in defense of few against many, the human ability against steel, and the determination of settlers to defend their home.

During the 100 years of the kibbutz’s existence, documents were collected in the unique archive that shed light, not only on the kibbutz itself, but also on the settlement enterprise in Israel until the establishment of the State, and its establishment to this very day. Among the documents are work diaries and account management from the early days of Degania Alef, the days of Um-Juni 1910, and summaries of meetings of friends, and decisions that were made.

There are some festivals in the area, including the Olive Days Festival and the Sea of Galilee Taste Festival (The Banana Festival).


Transportation in the area is based on inter-city buses, taxis, and private cars.

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