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Eilat – Info and FAQ

Eilat – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Eilat”, Israel

Eilat is the southernmost city in the State of Israel and the only one located off the shores of the Red Sea. It serves as a port, recreation, and tourism city. Over the years, the city has become the ultimate resort city.

In the summer thousands of vacationers from Israel and around the world flock to the hotels and beaches, and in the winter the city is a pilgrimage destination, especially for European tourists who prefer to spend the winter in a warmer and more pleasant place than typical European weather.

The secret of this small town lies in its unique location. The combination of warm climate, tropical sea and wild mountain scenery that serves as a breathtaking backdrop has made it a tourist attraction.

Events & Attractions:
The main attractions in Eilat are the Red Sea, the unique beaches, coral reefs where the coral reef nature reserve was established, the boardwalk, various marine attractions, favorable climatic conditions during the winter season and a landscape that combines desert, sea, and mountains.

Eilat has many different attractions to visit, including the underwater observatory, the “Escape Room” complex, the boardwalk and the Dolphin Reef. The sea features cruise ships where you can go sailing on the water, a large variety of top-tiered hotels, water sports and diving courses right on the beaches and through the coral reefs.

Eilat as a tourist city, offers a rich and enjoyable shopping experience, the city has a variety of shopping centers and large shopping malls and the products sold in the city are without VAT.

Also, the annual Red Sea Jazz Festival attracts tourists from Israel and around the world, and other festivals, such as the “Temeniada,” the Salsa dancing festival, and other dance festivals, the bridge festival, and more.

Transportation in Eilat is based on municipal buses, taxis and private vehicles.
Eilat also has an airport.

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