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Ein Gedi – Info and FAQ

Ein Gedi – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Ein Gedi”, Israel

Kibbutz Ein Gedi is situated close to the Dead Sea, the lowest place in the world, at the foot of cliffs laden with history and mystery; and is located on a hill overlooking its surroundings.

The kibbutz is adjacent to the Ein Gedi nature reserve, a pearl in the desert. The health tourism packages offered in the Ein Gedi region has spread far and wide, and tourists from all over the world come to the spa baths, to float in the sea water, breath the fresh air, feel the unique climate, and to use the mud that heals the body and soul.

Events & Attractions:

Ein Gedi planted a unique Botanical Garden with hundreds of plant species and trees from all over the world. It is recommended to stroll among the plots in the evening, to enjoy the flowering of cacti, baobab, and other special plants. The kibbutz also has a charming guest house, but you can also stay in the field school, or at the campsite on the Dead Sea.

On the kibbutz, if you are lucky enough, you can see the Ibex that travel between the rock cliffs and drink from the spring water and eat from the fruit trees.

A compulsory trip near the kibbutz is Ein Gedi, one of the most fascinating places in Israel that combines wild and scenic nature, history and archeology, tourist sites and healing sites.

For nature lovers who want to experience a trip further than the Ein Gedi spring, it is recommended to continue hiking into the desert. This can be done in one of the amazing nature reserves, which flow through Nahal David and Nahal Arugot, with water all year long, which makes its way through deep canyons. To diversify the visit, it is recommended to take a jeep trip to the desert paths and enjoy the expanses of the Judean Desert and the surprises that await after its curves and impressive national parks, including Masada and the Qumran caves.


Transportation to Ein Gedi includes buses and private vehicles.

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