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Ein Yoel – Ein El Marzov

Ein Yoel – Ein El Marzov


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Ein Yoel is located in the wadi at the foot of Har Refa’im, from which a plastic pipe comes out of the water and flows into a covered storage pool, about 2 meters high, and is built like a round tower made of concrete.
Inside the pool, the water is deep and cool.

Nearby, a tree rests on the tower, and if you climb it you can get to the roof of the tower. The roof is flat with an opening through which it is possible to get inside and descend by means of an iron ladder to the water. After bathing it is recommended to sit on the roof of the tower, to dry out and look at the panoramic view.

In the vicinity of the spring are the remains of a village called Ras Abu ‘Ammar, a hostile Arab village that was abandoned and destroyed during the War of Independence in 1948 and therein are rock-hewn burial caves.
The channel in which the spring is located in is green and blooms all year round and the reason for this is the high level of groundwater.

The spring was named Ein Yoel in memory of Yoel Ben Yehuda Potfovitz, a member of Moshav Mevo Beitar who was killed there in 1950.

FAQ for Ein Yoel – Ein El Marzov (Archaeology and History in Israel):

Wheelchair accessible? No,
Is there a parking? Yes,
Is it sutable for children? Yes.
Attraction Type: Archaeology and History, Region: Judea and Samaria, Address: Ein Yoel – Ein el Marzov (Find more Archaeology and History in Israel: Judea and Samaria)

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