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Hertzeliya – Info and FAQ

Hertzeliya – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Hertzeliya”, Israel

Herzliya is a central coastal city in Israel, located north of Tel Aviv and named after the late Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl.

The city of Herzliya, founded before the establishment of the State of Israel, has many hi-tech offices and is considered a young and innovative business city. Along the coast are hotels, a marina, parks, and bustling nightlife, the city attracts many visitors and tourists throughout the year.

Events & Attractions:
Herzliya offers a variety of tourist sites, for lovers of the sea and the water, Herzliya has a prestigious marina, surfing and diving clubs, and a beautiful and well-kept stretch of beach that stretches for six kilometers and includes seven regulated beaches, the main one being Acadia Beach, where sports activities and competitions are held during the swimming season. Along the beach, you can walk, run, or bike on the Herzog boardwalk, with cafes and restaurants, sports courts and water sports activities.

There is an abundance of cultural activities in Herzliya including a central theater, various art museums, the “Sportek” (sports facility) and Herzliya Park with lawns, picnic areas, and a lake.

History lovers are advised to visit the Herzliya Museum of History, “Tel Michal” overlooking the marina and the Sidna Ali mosque from the 11th century. In the northwest of the city is “Tel Arshaf,” where the Apollonia National Park was founded a few years ago. During the year there are concerts of world music and Crusader-style festivals accompanied by costumes of the time.

Throughout the year, various festivals and events are held in the city, such as wine festivals, beer festivals, various music festivals, art fairs and various surfing and water sports competitions.

Transportation in Herzliya is based on bus lines, taxis and private cars.

The city is also accessible by train, and there is an airport for light aircraft and a marina.

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