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Jatt – Info and FAQ

Jatt – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Jatt”, Israel

Jatt is a local council in the Triangle, in northern Sharon and near the Green Line. The settlement was founded in the 19th century by residents of Baka al-Garbiyeh on the remains of an ancient settlement. The settlement was declared a local council in 1959.

Archaeological remains from the Late Bronze Age were found in the site of the settlement of Jatt. It is presumed that the settlement “Gat Fadla” was mentioned in Egyptian documents.

The settlement has layers of ancient cultures. During the Ottoman period (about 300 years ago), the mound nearby was given to the village dwellers from families of which the base of the village of Jatt is composed.

Events & Attractions:

In the center of the village is the tomb of the Druze saint Sidi Abu Arus (father of the bride), located next to one of the largest and most magnificent oak trees in Israel. This oak is considered a sacred tree. A rock-hewn cave dating to the Paleolithic period is located 200m east of Jatt.

In Jatt there are several olive presses and holy sites including Maqam Sheikh Abu Arus, the holy burial place of one of the Druze religious leaders, there is a Druze prayer house, and in the north of the village, you will find remnants of an ancient wall and water cisterns.

In the traditional olive press of Jatt, you can see and understand how olive oil was produced. Changes made to ancient olive oil making were minimal, mostly in the name of streamlining the process, but the principles, technologies, and machinery have not changed. The pressing is cold, meaning that heating is not used to speed up the process and produce more oil, making the oil produced to the highest quality and pure.

In Jatt you can also enjoy an amazing view of Nahal Yehiam and Nahal Bet HaEmek.


Transportation in the area is based on municipal buses, taxis, and private cars.

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