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Metula – Info and FAQ

Metula – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Metula”, Israel

Metula is the most northerly settlement in the State of Israel, a graceful and relaxing Moshav, situated on a ridge overlooking Mt. Hermon and overlooking the green Galilee valley landscapes.

Metula was established by Baron Rothschild and is mostly agricultural, and one can see the winding way from the colony to the peach orchards and plum blossoms. The settlement, which touches the Lebanese border, attracts many tourists and vacationers who come to visit the unique sites and nature sites around it.

Events & Attractions:

Over the years, the area of tourism has been developed, and it has become a recreation and vacation center. In the settlement there are hotels and guest houses, some of them in ancient buildings, and in the courtyards of the houses charming guest rooms were established. Walking on HaRishonim Street in the center of the settlement, you can see the stone houses from the first days of Metula. It is recommended to visit the farmer’s house museum, which describes the history of the settlement.

The central attraction in Metula is “Canada Centre” for recreation and culture. Among the swimming pools and fitness rooms at the Centre, you can enjoy the only ice skating rink in Israel.

For lovers of nature and hiking, it is recommended to climb Mount Tsfiya, which is 615 meters high and at its summit a view overlooking the entire surroundings. Also, to the east of the settlement is the Nahal Ayun Nature Reserve, where a waterfall flows and a beautiful trail for the entire family is located.


Transportation in Metula is based on city and inter-city buses, taxis and private cars.

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