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Midreshet Shadmot Mechola Hostel – Bet She’an

Midreshet Shadmot Mechola Hostel – Bet She’an


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Information and Review of the Midreshet Shadmot Mechola Hostel – Bet She’an, Israel

The Sadamot Mehola seminary is located in the town of Sadamot Mehola in the northern Jordan valley, next to Beit Shean and has been, for the last 81 years, hosting seminars and trips.

The seminary acts as a home for seminars, tours, lecture days for Jewish studies and Zionism and more. The activities are intended for groups from Israel and abroad.

The seminary hosts Shabbat’s, ‘Shabbat Chatan’, Bar Mitzvah’s, events, conferences and more.

The hostel includes 20 ground floor rooms with A/C including: kitchenette, fridge, 6 beds, showers and bathroom facilities, air conditioned dining hall, clubhouse, classrooms, synagogue, separate swimming pool (summer) and more. 

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Address: Shadmot Mechola, Region: North, Kosher: Yes, Separated Rooms: Yes (Find more Hostels in Israel: North)


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