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Rameh – Info and FAQ

Rameh – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Rameh”, Israel

The village of Rameh is a local council in the northern region of Israel about 5 kilometers from Carmiel, in the Beit Kerem Valley (Baqa Shagur) in the heart of the Galilee. Its jurisdiction is 1,500 acres. It was declared a local council in 1954.

The village was established 3,000 years ago. The name of the village is from the name of Rama, which was mentioned in the Bible as a settlement within the territory of the tribe of Asher, where a Hebrew inscription from the 3rd century CE was found.

The modern settlement was founded, according to tradition, in the 17th century and developed into one of the largest villages in the Galilee. The village has 8,000 residents, Druze, Christians, and Muslims.

Events & Attractions:

The most famous water source in the village bears a misleading name: “The Secret Pool” – a swimming pool that has become popular among travelers.

You can visit a Greek Orthodox church, a large building from 1896, and a Greek Catholic church.

In the village, there is also a sacred site for the Druze community – the Koran of the prophet Shuaib, a site that contains a fascinating story that became a myth among the residents and the museum of the ancient house located in the heart of the village.

In the village of Rameh, a variety of events and festivals are held each year, such as the “Taste of the Village” Festival – a culinary event that focuses on flavors and aromas of authentic cuisine. There is also the windows festival. The main events of the festival include cooking workshops and Druze food, art and creativity in galleries, a music festival, and dance performances.


Transportation in the village is based on private vehicles, inter-city buses, city buses and taxis.

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