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Rosh-Pina – Info and FAQ

Rosh-Pina – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Rosh-Pina”, Israel

Rosh Pinna is a moshav on the slopes of the Upper Galilee and is located at the foot of Tzfat. The enchanting moshav is a magnet for lovers of art and culture, history, nature and culinary arts. Recently, Rosh Pinna has become one of the most visited places in the Upper Galilee, and not by chance; it represents a unique rural Galilean experience. In the middle of the picturesque moshav known as the “Colony of the Rishonim,” the houses of the old settlement and its cobblestone streets were preserved, and a visit to Rosh Pinna offers an experience of old and new.

Events & Attractions:

In the pastoral moshav, there are many beautiful and unique guest houses boutiques and romantic corners in the enchanting alleyways.

Along the streets, there are gourmet restaurants, charming pubs and cafes, galleries and art shops, and various attractions. The upper street is the highest in Rosh Pinna, and there are many interesting sites and buildings to visit. On the street, there is a view overlooking the moshav and the Hula Valley, the ancient cemetery and the moshav’s administrative building where a there is a presentation of the history of Rosh Pinna.

Nature lovers have the opportunity to go on green hiking trails to the Rosh Pinna Stream and Ganey HaBaron, and around Rosh Pinna to numerous locations in the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights. From Rosh Pinna, you can also take guided walks around the area, biking trails, jeep tours, and even on horseback.

Every year there are many events and festivals, including the Rosh Pinna Festival, which is a well-known and thought-provoking event for Israeli media and communications. There is also a wine festival, the “Orot” Culture Festival and other events.


Transportation in Rosh Pinna is based on municipal buses, taxis, and private cars.

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