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Sajur – Info and FAQ

Sajur – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Sajur”, Israel

Sajur is a local council in the Northern District of Israel. It was declared a local council in 1992. All residents belong to the Druze community.

The name of the settlement is named after an ancient city called “Shazor” that probably existed in the area during the Mishnah, in which the Tanna Rabbi Shimon Shazar lived, whose tomb is located within the boundaries of the settlement. In the name of the ancient city, Moshav Shezor was built next to Sajur.

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The ancient Shezor was the city of the Tanna Rabbi Shimon Shazar, whose grave is located within the southern neighborhood of the village. The graves of other saints are attributed to Rabbi Shimon ben Elazar and Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha, the High Priest.

The residents attribute the tomb of Rabbi Yishma’el to al-Jarib, that is, to Joseph, the son of Jacob.

The tomb was built by Shukri Aenam, a resident of the village. After his daughter was born, he was unable to have other children. Shukri married another woman, but after this step did not bring about the desired result, he decided to ask for a child at the grave of Joseph the Righteous (Al-Jarib) and even vowed that if his wife gave birth, a tomb would be built in honor of the righteous one. After his visit to the grave, another son was born named Said. Shukri fulfilled his vow and built the tomb.

Every year, the Olive Branch Festival takes place in the village, including guided tours of olive groves, olive picking, visits to olive presses, olive oil workshops for adults and children, visits to visitors’ centers, poetry evenings, cosmetics workshops, and more.


Transportation in the area is based on private vehicles, taxis and inter-city buses.

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