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The Arava – Info and FAQ

The Arava – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “The Arava”, Israel

The Arava is a narrow, long valley that extends from the southern Dead Sea to the Gulf of Eilat and separates the Edom Mountains from the east and the Negev Highlands to the west.

From ancient times, important roads passed through the Arava from the center of the country and from the Negev Mountains to the Gulf of Eilat and across the Jordan River to the east. According to the Bible, in the days of the Biblical Judges, the children of Edom ruled it until it was conquered by King David.

King Solomon established a port in Eilat.

Events & Attractions:

Many other remains tell the story mankind in the Arava and reveal that for many generations the Arava served as a road linking the south and the north. More and more travelers are discovering the magic of the Arava.

The deeper one goes into the Arava, the more amazing landscapes are, including water reservoirs, agricultural crops and unique natural phenomena such as Timna Park, the African Rift Valley, the Colored Rock, and others. The resort villages and guest houses were built in different styles – designed rooms, mud-brick recreation rooms, family accommodations in moshavim and desert hospitality.

The Arava is suitable for all travelers – families with children will enjoy a visit to the various attractions scattered throughout the Arava, the extreme travelers can expect mountain bike riding routes, jeep tours down the Spice Route, the Spring Trail, the Great Rivers Reserve, and many more. Other sites in the area include Tel el Khalifa, a chain of wells in Evrona, Neve Yotvata, Mava, Mezzeh Hatzeva, and more.

There are a variety of events and festivals in the region, such as the Arava Film Festival and the Arava Khan Festival, which takes place at the Khan Nahal Arava in the Hatzeva area.


Transportation in the Arava is based on private vehicles and inter-city buses.

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