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The Coastal Plain – Info and FAQ

The Coastal Plain – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “The Coastal Plain”, Israel

The Coastal Plain is a flat area in Israel that extends along the Mediterranean coast, from the northern border (northern coastal plain) in Rosh HaNikra to the Egyptian border in the south (the southern coastal plain), in the Gaza Strip.
Most of the coastal plain, mainly the coastal plain of the Carmel, the Sharon and the coastal plain of the Galilee, is covered with alluvial soil (land that descended from the Galilee, Samaria and the Judean hills), and swamps that formed mainly near the rivers. The “kurkar” ridges prevented the flow of water towards the sea, and especially during the rainy seasons the swamp areas (natural environment) expanded in the area of the Nahal (river) HaYarkon, Nahal Alexander, Nahal Poleg, Nahal Taninim, and Nahal Na’aman.

The coastal plain is a convenient area for development and settlement. Deep and fertile soils, temperate climate, rainfall with comfortable temperatures, and a high level of groundwater that allows water to be pumped relatively easily. The flat part is convenient for traffic and passage, and the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea makes it a good area for a good income.

In the coastal plain, most of the population of Israel is concentrated along crowded and busy cities (Tel Aviv, Haifa and Ashdod), ancient cities (Akko, Caesarea and Ashkelon), kibbutzim and rural settlements (Ga’ash, Havatzelet HaSharon and Neve Yam), and nature reserves (HaSharon Nature Reserve and Apollonia Park).

A large part of the coastal strip is used for recreation and recreational activities that are open to the general public, mainly beaches, boardwalks, and parks.

Events & Attractions:
On the coastal plain, you can find a variety of attractions and activities, from water sports such as diving, surfing, and sailing, to wandering the various boardwalks, gardens, parks, and bathing in the sea on one of the beautiful beaches.

In the coastal plain, a variety of festivals and events are held every year.


Transportation in the coastal plain area is based on private vehicles, taxis, city and inter-city buses.

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