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The Golan Heights – Info and FAQ

The Golan Heights – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “The Golan Heights”, Israel

The Golan Heights, a mountainous region in northern Israel, is one of the most fascinating and visited places in the country. The Golan Heights is a flat plateau located between the Yarmuk River to the south, Mt. Hermon to the north, the Sea of Galilee and the Hula Valley to the west and Hermon to the east.

The dominant landscape in the Golan Heights is a flat landscape, rising moderately from a height of 300m in the south to an altitude of 1,200m in the north.

Events & Attractions:

The Golan Heights has a variety of guest houses, breweries, apple orchards, and tourist attractions. Many identify the Golan with the apple crops and mineral water produced there. Within the boundaries of the regional council is the Mt. Hermon site – the first ski resort in Israel, operated by Moshav Neve Ativ. The eastern side of the Sea of Galilee is also located within the boundaries of the regional council, and water and recreation sites were established there.

Several major nature reserves are located in the Golan Heights, including the Yehudiya Nature Reserve, Nahal Zavitan, Nahal Meshushim, Gamla, Odem Forest, and more. One of the special sites in the Golan Heights is the “Gilgal Refaim” site (Rujm el-Hiri) near Moshav Yonatan, a circular stone megalithic structure. In addition there is the Golan Antiquities Museum.

In the Golan Heights are the ancient cities of Gamla and Hippos, which were exposed in archaeological excavations during the 20th century. Also, there are ancient churches and synagogues in the Golan, including the ancient Katzrin synagogue, the Umm al-Kanaatir synagogue, the Deir Aziz synagogue, and the synagogue in Ein Nashout.

In the Golan Heights, there are also a variety of festivals and events such as the wine festival, which takes place every year in May or June.


Transportation in the Golan Heights is based on inter-city buses, taxis, and private cars.

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