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The Jerusalem Hills – Info and FAQ

The Jerusalem Hills – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “The Jerusalem Hills”, Israel

The Jerusalem Hills (Harei Jerusalem) is a mountainous and fragmented geographical area in the center of Israel, in the vicinity of Jerusalem.

From the mountains, seven long branches are sent westward to the Shfela region, between which are the valleys of large streams that have turned the area into a natural corridor that allows easy access from the coastal plain in the west to the Jordan Valley in the east.

The area of the Jerusalem hills was of great historical importance because of the proximity to the Holy City. Thousands of people passed through thousands of years ago and made their way to the holy places to pray. Many armies and troops fought here, making their way through the mountains to the city. Jewish rebels from the Bar Kokhba revolt hid from the conquerors in many tunnels that they dug, and the Crusaders rode here towards Jerusalem.

Events & Attractions:

In the Jerusalem Hills, there are also many sites commemorating the difficult battles that took place here during the War of Independence, including the Castel, Mevasseret Zion, and the famous Burma Road.

Since this is a large area rich in natural sites, history and archeology, society and culture, it is a fascinating center of travel. The many paths scattered around the area can be traveled on foot, by bicycle, by private cars or by ATVs. You can crawl in beautiful hiding caves, wade in spring water, pick sweet fruit from nature, ride horses and make stunning landscape observations. You can stop for a meal at one of the many wonderful restaurants set up in the various communities, visit special wineries and enjoy galleries and workshops by artists living in the area.

The “Peimah BeHar” festival is a poetry festival that takes place in the region every year and includes performances around the clock, and musical events take place in the circle compound surrounding the central fire with the best artists and creators in the genre.


Transportation in the area is based on private vehicles and inter-city buses.

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