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The Negev Desert – Info and FAQ

The Negev Desert – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “The Negev Desert”, Israel

The Negev is a geographical area that extends the southern part of Israel. The Negev is part of the global desert belt, which is the reason for the climate. The Negev covers about 60% of the territory of the State of Israel.

Since the dawn of history, various peoples have settled in the Negev: nomads, Canaanites, Philistines, Ottomans and of course Israelis. Their economy was based mainly on herding and farming, and later on commerce as well.

Events & Attractions:
The Negev is arid most of the year, its expanses are desolate, and its banks are ruined, but nature is strong and surprising. In winter, despite the rare rains, the Negev has beautiful bloomings with red anemone flowers carpeting the area. If the rain is strong, it usually causes a flood.

The Negev is the gateway to the desert. It has magical nature spots, historical and archeological sites, springs and remnants of agricultural facilities. Tourism in the desert is developing and many escape to its expanses on foot, on bicycles and with jeeps and all-terrain vehicles.

Among the attractions available in the Negev are camel trips, ATVs, a range of hikes, bike trails, a star gazing observatory and incredibly unique nature.

The Negev region offers a variety of events and festivals such as the “IndieNegev Festival,” an independent music and art festival, “DaRom Adom,” a festival that combines agriculture and tourism and offers visitors agricultural tours, farmers’ markets and rural accommodation. Festival participants can tour the area, see shows and participate in activities for the whole family. The festival takes place during January and February during the flowering of the anemones in the northern Negev.

Also, you can enjoy beer festivals that take place during the year in some destinations in the Negev and a variety of other festivals. Some of the more interesting are the “Desert Ashram,” “Desert Sound” festival, “Starry Night” and more.

Transportation in the Negev is based on private vehicles, taxis and intercity buses.

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