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Yad Moredechai – Info and FAQ

Yad Moredechai – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Yad Moredechai”, Israel

Yad Mordechai is a kibbutz located on the southern coastal plain about ten kilometers south of Ashkelon. The kibbutz was founded by members of “Hashomer Hatzair” movement from Poland.

The kibbutz belongs to Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. Kibbutz Yad Mordechai was settled in December 1943. A few months earlier, the uprising of the Jewish Fighters broke out in the Warsaw ghetto, and members of the kibbutz decided to name the kibbutz after one of its leaders, Hashomer Hatzair Mordechai Anielewicz who fell during the uprising.

The story of the kibbutz fighting during the Six Day War is one of the most famous stories of heroism of the War of Independence.

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The people of the kibbutz were closely linked to the aforementioned events, the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel. They established the Museum from Holocaust to Revival, which chronicles past and present, Jewish history from the Holocaust until the War of Independence and their connection to the creation and continuity of the kibbutz today.

Not far from the museum is “Givat HaKrav” (Battle Hill), where there is a reconstruction site of the battle which tool place there. In the center of the kibbutz stands a damaged water tower, one of the few remains of the old Yad Mordechai, and next to it stands the statue of Mordechai Anielewicz.

Over the years, the kibbutz has become the largest manufacturer and marketer of honey in Israel. Dozens of honey and beehive products are produced at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, and the there is also the “Bee House,” with activities and workshops on bees, honey and everything in between. It is ironic that something so sweet came from members of the kibbutz who experienced terrible hardships and difficult battles over the years.

The kibbutz holds a variety of events and festivals every year, including the Festival of the Exodus from Egypt, during Hol HaMoed Passover.


Transportation in the kibbutz is based on intercity buses, taxis, and private cars.

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