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Yanuh – Info and FAQ

Yanuh – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Yanuh”, Israel

Yanuh is a local council in the Western Galilee of Israel. It was declared a local council in 1990. All residents belong to the Druze community. The local council is comprised of two villages – Yanuh, where 70 percent of the council’s residents live, and Jatt.

Some researchers identify the biblical city of Noach Haglilit at a site near Yanuh, where archaeological excavations were conducted. It is possible that the Tanna, father Yossi Bar Hanan came from there.

According to the tradition of the residents, the name “Yanuh” derives from the location of the road from Lebanon to the center of the Galilee, and that passersby would rest there.

Events & Attractions:

The Galilee village of Yanuh is a good spot to freshen up and learn about the history and customs of the Druze residents of the Galilee, to understand the aromas, colors, and flavors, and to look deep into the Upper Galilee.

These days, they are recreating the village life in an ancient house, combined with the gallery of a local artist from the Khatib family. Visits here must be scheduled in advance.

There is an ancient olive press in the village operated by a donkey. To the south of the village is a water pool built for storing water, and a short distance away is Ein Haninit spring, Nahal al-Ma’isana, and El-Mabda cave.

In the village of Yanuh, the tomb of Nabi (Maqam al-Prophet Shams) is buried, and other holy places in the village are the tomb of Satna Shams and the Druze prayer house.

Home hospitality is also possible, and many families host visitors in their homes and give them a taste of traditional dining, which is, of course, the stuffed lamb, a delicacy reserved for days of weddings and joy.

The olive branch festival is held every year; offering guided tours of olive groves, olive picking, visits to olive presses, olive oil tasting, poetry evenings, and more.


Transportation in the area is based on inter-city buses, taxis, and private cars.

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