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Yarka – Info and FAQ

Yarka – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Yarka”, Israel

Yarka is a settlement in the northern district of Israel that was declared a local council in 1959.

At the beginning of the Ottoman period in Palestine, Yarka was one of the largest villages in the Western Galilee, and in 1596 it had 712 inhabitants. Most of the residents were Druze who worked in agriculture. During the Ottoman period, the Muadi family, headed by Sa’id Marzuq Muadi, received a tax-collection concession for Ottoman rule.

The Druze village of Yarka is situated on beautiful hills surrounded by tens of thousands of olive trees, between Nahal Beit HaEmek and Nahal Yizhar. The village has 17,000 residents and offers visitors spectacular views, ancient houses, holy places, cordial hospitality and fine cuisine.

Events & Attractions:

In Yarka, “Kuba Naya” is the dish you want to eat. It is the same dish prepared by the villagers with an endless amount of red hot pepper. It is said that if a pilot looks down and sees antennas on the roofs covered with red, it is clear to him that he is above Yarka.

There are some fascinating sites in the village, including Hilweh al-Rajab, a house of prayer located on the eastern edge of the village. In 1980, the house was renovated and is now used as a prayer and religious study house. The house has a beautiful view of the Western Galilee.

Yarka is considered to be a huge shopping center in the north and includes some of the largest and most profitable shopping centers in the country, and has become a great place for clothing, food, shopping malls, electrical appliances, DIY products, construction products and more. The village and the roads leading to it are filled with shoppers from all over the country, especially on weekends and vacations.

The village has two main festivals, the Taste of the Village Festival and the Spring Festival of Music and Folklore.


Transportation in Yarka is based on inter-city buses, taxis, and private cars.

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