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Zikhron Ya’akov – Info and FAQ

Zikhron Ya’akov – Info and FAQ


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What to do in “Zikhron Ya’akov”, Israel

Zikhron Ya’akov is a local council in the Haifa District of Israel, founded as a “Moshava” (colony) on December 6, 1882, by immigrants from Hovevei Zion of Romania and was the third settlement of the First Aliyah.

From its earliest days, Zikhron Ya’akov had two distinct characteristics – wine and relaxation. Agriculture was established on grape vines and east of the colony a large winery that was important for the industry was built in 1889. The winery that still operates today (owned by Carmel), there is a wine culture center with paid tours. Later, during the British Mandate, the colony became a rural resort and resort town, and to this day there are hotels, guest houses, spa’s, and more.

Events & Attractions:
At the southern entrance to Zikhron Ya’acov, there is the “Yad LaMaasdim” Museum. It is a structure shaped like a rolled Torah scroll. On the ceramic wall outside, there are engravings with the names of the families of the founders of the colony. Inside the building are photographs that commemorate the colony over its first twenty years.

A section of the HaMaasdim St., the main street of Zikhron Ya’acov, which is preserved and renovated as the “Wine Road Pedestrian Mall,” is a special gem that attracts many travelers and visitors. Next to it is the home of the Aaronsohn family, which now serves as the Aaronsohn House Museum, as well as the large officials’ house that was converted into the Museum of the First Aliyah.

In Zikhron Ya’acov you can also find other sites such as the Ohel Ya’akov Synagogue, the Binyamin Pool, the Winery, the Lange Estate, Beit Daniel, the Tishbi Wineries, the Beit El Congregation, and more.

Also, there are a variety of festivals and events in Zikhron Ya’acov, especially in the pedestrian area, such as the “Beer and Blues” festival in the pedestrian mall, “French Summer,” and more.

Transportation in Zikhron Ya’acov is based mainly on taxis, buses and private cars.

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