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Holon – Info and FAQ Cities

What to do in "Holon", Israel

Holon is a large and central city in the center of the country and is located east of Tel Aviv. Holon, known as the "Children's City," is a well-kept, clean and is rich with parks, boulevards, and gardens. But its crowning glory is the educational and cultural activity that places children at the center.

Events & Attractions:

The experiential Holon offers countless entertainment facilities and activities, cultural events and attractions for all ages, especially for children. The most well-known is the Children's Museum, which is an unforgettable experience. At the museum, visitors can participate in "Dialogue in the Dark" and "An Invitation to Silence." You can also visit the Municipal Culture Center, the "Mediatheque."

The visit to Holon will not be complete without the seeing the twenty-four gardens "Story Gardens" spread throughout the city for the enjoyment of visitors, where you will meet familiar characters of famous children's books. In addition to the gardens, you can enjoy the abundance of well-kept gardens including the Twin Cities Garden, the Woman's Garden, the Youth Park, the Japanese Garden, the Cactus Garden, the Korean Garden, and more.

It is also recommended to go to the Israeli Cartoon Museum to see the fascinating collections on display.

If you arrived in Holon on one of the hot summer days, the Yamit Water Park offers the largest and most exciting water slides in Israel, and water activities there are especially enjoyable.

Beyond the regular attractions, the city hosts a large number of festivals every year, with the most prominent of them being the Women's Festival, the Israel Festival for Children, Fashion Week, the International Puppet Festival, and the crowning glory, the "Adloyada" festival, held over Purim for many years and has taken place through the city's main streets.


Transportation in Holon is based on municipal buses, taxis, and private vehicles. The city can be reached by train or inter-city buses.

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